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Black Garlic "Organic American" Whole Bulbs (Large 3/4 Pound Bag)...Aged and Fermented 120 Days

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  • 100% Organic North American Garlic
  • Whole bulb black garlic
  • Aged and Fermented up to 120 Days
  • Twice the nutrition of White Garlic,,,We guarantee S-allyl-cysteine content no less than 1.5 mg/g of product.
  • Intense Umami Flavor, a little Tangy & Very Sweet

100 % North American garlic, fermented and processed in Wisconsin. This is true black garlic...none sweeter. We turn this inventory to ship the freshest product.In fact, food connoisseurs say that it’s a perfect “sweet meets savory” mix of molasses-like richness with slight tangy garlic undertones and a melt-in-your mouth consistency similar to soft, dried fruit. Its appearance on the “Top Chef” and “Iron Chef” reality TV shows put it into the spotlight as one of the latest and greatest true “superfoods.”


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