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Black Garlic "Organic American" Whole Bulbs (2 per package) ...Aged and Fermented 120 Days

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  • 120 Day Artisianal Process- New Package ...Same Great Taste
  • Sweet with a Umami Flavor...the 2 Bulb Package is Perfect to try Black Garlic for the First Time. If you like this Product, Larger sizes are Available in Peeled, Whole Bulb, Granulated and Puree.
  • Aged and Fermented
  • 100% Organic Garlic
  • Garlic sourced from North America and processed in Wisconsin

Perfectly sweet...use in a dishes calling for garlic and many recipes where white garlic would be too strong. Twice the nutritional properties of white garlic. The cloves will vary from soft to a raisin firmness. There is no higher quality on the market. The 2 bulb pack is the perfect size to try this product. Larger sizes available in peeled, pureed and whole bulb (conventional and organic).


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