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Laconian Legacy

Laconian Legacy Wild Thyme Honey (480 Grams/16.9 Fl Oz) Greece

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  • Raw, natural, unprocessed wild thyme honey...produce by the ancient traditional methods. Artisinally processed along every step results in one of the finest honeys in the world.
  • Born along the rocky coastline that hugs the blue sea of the Aegean Pelages, in Peloponnese, Greece. The bees collect the nectar from wild thyme and other wild flowers that grow along the steep cliffs that dive into the sea, producing a herbal and aromatic honey famous for its health benefits.
  • Use anywhere you uses honey. A wonderful natural sweetner for foods and Drinks. Tip: blend with Laconian Legacy Olive Oil and your favorite vinegar for the ultimate dressing and huge nutritional boost

Wild, unprocessed, mountain thyme honey from Peloponnese, Greece. Produced using ancient methods by a third generation beekeeper... Alex has a nomadic routine of moving the bee boxes along the rocky coast line and near by mountains. The harsh rocky terrior enhances the aroma of wild thyme and the nutritional health benefits.


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