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Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Athinolia Olives) Early Harvest, Cold Extraction"Laconia Greece"

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Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a EU certified Laconian PGI. From the homeland of King Leonidas (Spartan), this is 100% pure Laconian and 100% Greek and "Estate Grown". The perfect climate and land are home to the groves perched above the blue Mediterranean Sea. Near ancient ruins of a underwater city, surrounded by snow covered mountains, we cultivate our olive groves using traditional methods to produce the renowned Laconian EVOO. This is the birthplace of European Olive oil. The first days of October, we pick, squeeze and pack the earliest harvest in Europe. This is one of a very few oils that the European Union has certified as a " High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil".About the product
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olive Groves near Sparta in Greece (100% Athinolia Olives) Very Peppery and Aromatic
  • Very high in phenolic properties, a must for a sophisticated gourmet or anyone living the "Mediterranean Diet"
  • Estate Grown....Low Acid less than 5%, Early Harvest, Cold Extraction
  • Oympia 2017 Gold Standard of Excellence Award
  • Contains 5 times more polyphenols than the European health regulation (1,222 mg/K)...a powerhouse of nutrition