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  • ChocXO Single Origin"Yaguachi" (12 Bars Retail Display - 80 Grams Each) Ecuador

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    Yaguachi 70% Dark (Single Origin) Ecuador....The Yaguachi Cooperative was founded in 1996 and consists of 85 families growing fine aroma National Cocoa in Ecuador. A strict 3 day fermentation process is followed to produce top-quality raw material. Yaguachi is located in the Guayas Province just outside of Guayaquil, in the heart of Ecaudor's historic cacao growing districts. If you have never tried single origin chocolate, this is a great place to start.These are full sized 80 gram bars.

    About the product
    • Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate from the Yaguachi Coop in Ecuador
    • 70% Cocao...Smooth rich Chocolate Flavor
    • Slightly Sweet, Nutty, Fruity
    • 12 bars are full sized 80 Grams, sold in a retail display
    • Ecuador "National Cocoa" from the Guayas Province- Direct Trade