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  • ChocXO Single Origin"Guantupi" (12 Bars Retail Display - 80 Grams Each) Ecuador

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    This Arriba Cacao is grown by Samuel von Rutte, a veteran of the cacao industry in Ecuador. Among the first chocolate to be awarded heirloom status by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative....recognized for its unique flavor notes and exceptional balance. Superior genetics coupled with proprietary fermentation, drying process and limited production make this a highly sought after gem.

    About the product
    • Dark Chocolate from Ecuador ....Single Origin (12 Bars)
    • Arriba National Cacao...Guantupi Single Origin (gluten free)
    • 75% Dark Chocolate results in a smooth, rich Chocolate Experience
    • Awarded "Heirloom" Status
    • Well balance, slightly Sweet, Nutty, a little Bitter & Fruity