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ChocXO Single Origin Assortment Peru/Ecuador (4 Varieties 8 Full Sized Bars)

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A total of 8 bars from 4 different areas of Ecuador and Peru. ~Yaguachi Ecuador 70% ...Complex and Fruity (Genetic Profile, National) ~Camino Verde Ecuador 72% Cacao...Smooth and Balanced(Bean Type National) ~Guantupi Ecuador 75% Cacao...well balanced,(Genetic Profile, National, Amelonado, Crillo and Amazon Amazon Forastero) ~Fortunato #4 Peru...Bold and Floral (Certified 100% Pure National)

About the product
  • Single Origin Dark Chocolate (8 Bars-2 Each), Bean to Bar & Fair Traded
  • Yaguchi 70% Ecuador, Camino Verde 72% Ecuador, Guantupi 75% Ecuador, Fortunato 80% Peru
  • Pure Cacao in each Bar from One Farm in each Country...taste the Terrior
  • Experience the broad flavor profiles of South America
  • Award winning Chocolate in International Competition...a wonderful gift for the chocolate lover in your life.