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  • ChocXO Single Origin 72% Chocolate: CAMINO VERDE ECUADOR "12 Bars"

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    Vincente Norero meticulously labors over every step of the growing, fermenting and drying process to produce these fine flavored beans on his family farm.He incorporates the lesson passed down by generations with modern science to coax both fruity and floral flavors from these beans.These Abajo beans come from a unique downriver region, historically known for producing one-of-a-kind , highly coveted fine flavored cacao.

    About the product
    • Dark Chocolate from Ecuador ....Single Origin (6 Bars) 72% Cacao
    • Produced on a small family farm in renowned growing region
    • Slightly Sweet, Nutty, Fruity Flavors in this Chocolate Profile
    • Bean to Bar, Direct Trade 72% Cacao