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  • ChocXO Fortunato Chocolate Dark (Single Origin) Peruvian (6 Bars)


    Single origin chocolate is the finest in the world. The "Fortunato" come exclusively from one of the rarest beans produced by a very small grower and is extremely limited. We have tried it and it lives up to it reputation. 
    Recently rediscovered by Don Fortunato, a long time Peruvian farmer, "Pure National Cacao" was thought to have been lost over a century ago. The unique quality of Pure National cacao lies in the fact that the trees grow in natural conditions and have done so for centuries, allowing them to yield a small amount of rare white cacao beans that lend a nutty flavor to the abundant fruity and floral notes. This chocolate is made exclusively from these beans. 
    Full sized bar 2.5 oz (80 grams) 6 per order. All chocolate ships "Special Cold Pack Service" to ensure freshness and is included in the freight charge.