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  • ChocXO Fortunato Chocolate Dark (Single Origin) Peruvian (12 Bars) Retail Display

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    Single origin chocolate is the finest in the world. The "Fortunato" come exclusively from one of the rarest beans produced by a very small grower and is extremely limited. We have tried it and it lives up to it reputation. 
    Recently rediscovered by Don Fortunato, a long time Peruvian farmer, "Pure National Cacao" was thought to have been lost over a century ago. The unique quality of Pure National cacao lies in the fact that the trees grow in natural conditions and have done so for centuries, allowing them to yield a small amount of rare white cacao beans that lend a nutty flavor to the abundant fruity and floral notes. This chocolate is made exclusively from these beans. 
    Full sized bar 2.5 oz (80 grams) 12 per order. All chocolate ships "Special Cold Pack Service" to ensure freshness and is included in the freight charge.