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  • Caviaroli Olive Oil Caviar-Rosemary Flavored (50 grams)

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    The base oil for Rosemary Caviaroli is made by pressing olives with fresh rosemary. The result is an oil with intense aroma and flavor of rosemary and a soft yellow color. Perfect gourmet finish for any kind of meat...especially venison, game and pork.

    • Pearls of Spanish Olive Oil infused with Rosemary

    • Delicate caviar like spheres melt in your mouth

    • The ultimate gourmet garnish

    • 50 Gram Jar

    Rosemary Caviaroli is made using Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, flavored with fresh rosemary. The product is produced by using a new technique which surrounds extra virgin olive oil drops with a thin layer of water containing sodium alginate, a gum extracted from the cell walls of brown algae. The drops are then immersed in a calcium bath, resulting in a fine gelatin capsule around the oil drop to form the caviar. With this patented method, the olive oil inside the sphere remains 100% pure. The caviar membrane is thin and easily bursts in the mouth releasing the wonderful aromas within.

    Rosemary Caviaroli has a light golden color and transparency that adds a buttery, hint of rosemary flavor to any dish. It enhances both the presentation and the eating experience. Best of all, Caviaroli has a long shelf life, making it easy and convenient to use.

    Rosemary Caviaroli is now being served by several Michelin starred restaurants. There are endless applications of Caviaroli, as olive oil pairs well with a wide variety of foods!